Advanced Topics in Computational Intelligence and Computer Vision

The content of the course concerns the following fields:

  • Όραση Υπολογιστή, επεξεργασία και ανάλυση εικόνων: Εφαρμογές, ανοικτά ζητήματα
  • 3D graphics, 3D visualization, photogrammetry
  • Techniques for processing digital images, image sequences (video) and 3D graphics for field reconstruction, event recognition, object detection and monitoring, 3D object evaluation and image reconstruction.
  • Machine learning (supervised, unsupervised, semi-supervised, and contemplative learning).
  • Δομές νευρωνικών και νευρο-ασαφών δικτύων (Feedforward networks, ANFIS network, Boltzmann machines, Bayesian networks, Support  vector machines). Μέθοδοι εκπαίδευσης νευρωνικών και νευροασαφών δικτύων (gradient descent, back-propagation, reinforcement learning, stochastic learning, κλπ.).
  • Deep neural networks (Convolutional neural networks, restricted Boltzmann machines, deep feedforward networks, deep neuro-fuzzy networks) and deep learning.