The Postgraduate Program (MSc) through Research "Intelligent Computer Systems" comes to fill a significant gap in research training of young scientists by strengthening their ability to study, design, organize and implement research in Intelligent Systems. Its curriculum focuses on the field of Intelligent Systems and provides in-depth training and knowledge on selected research topics in this field. The selected modules (Computational and Artificial Intelligence, In-Depth Learning, Intelligent Interaction, Computer Vision, 3D Digitization and Visualization, Ontologies, Semantic Web and Internet of Things) provide an important overview, including technical aspects, including technical aspects.
The MSc Program aims at the proper preparation of scientists oriented towards a research or academic career.
The Program admits graduates of Departments of Informatics, Engineering, Cultural Technology and Communication or other related subjects with the Informatics of Departments or Schools, as well as graduates of Departments of Engineering and Informatics of the country and cognate recognized Institutions abroad. Also, graduates of TEI Departments related to a relevant subject are admitted. The evaluation and final selection of the candidate students will be done by the appropriate Committee based on specific criteria defined in the Regulations of the MSc Operation Guide.