Within the framework of the MSc by Research in "Intelligent Computing Systems", a complaints management procedure is observed, which has been established at the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication (CTE). Specifically, a Student Complaints Committee (SCC) has been established for the Cultural Technology and Communication department, to which the Postgraduate Students (MSc) of the MSc can address to submit their suggestions, comments, complaints and recommendations. The SCC is an additional mean of communication between students and the MSc, which complements the personal Academic Advisor (AA). SCC is composed from the Department Head, who is the chair of the committee, and two (2) faculty members of the Department. The SCC manages, records and reviews complaints and proposes solutions and may refer the matter to the Department Assembly level or to a higher level, such as the Institutional Complaints Committee (ICC) of the Quality Assurance Office of the University of the Aegean, if necessary. SCC does not replace the IEP but acts as a complementary intermediate level of communication between the MSc students its academic and administrative staff. Furthermore, the SCC does not take into account and does not send a reply to messages with abusive content, as well as to messages that contain insufficient or untrue contact information.

The complaints management procedure is as follows: 1. The MSc student wishes to express a complaint/comment. 2. The MSc student informs his/her AC. 3. The AA discusses the complaint/comment with the MSc student. 4. The AA works together with the MSc student to resolve the complaint/comment. 5. If the complaint/comment is not successfully resolved, the AA or the MSc student directly sends the complaint/comment to the Department's Student Complaints Committee (SCC). 6. The Chair of SCC with the members of the SCC manage the complaint/comment and inform the MSc student of their actions. 7. If the complaint/comment is not again successfully resolved, the MSc student with the assistance of the Departmental SCC refer the complaint to the Institutional Complaints Committee (ICC). 8. In all cases, the Head of the Department and the MSc student shall be informed of the outcome of the handling of the complaint/comment. 9. If there are similar cases, the Director of the MSc shall inform the Department’s Assembly of the cases presented and resolved individually by the AA, without disclosing personal information of the MSc student, and any actions taken.