After the selection of each MSc student and depending on the thematic area in which he/she is selected, the faculty member responsible for the respective thematic option is assigned the duties of Academic Advisor (AA).

The AA of an MSc Student remains the same until the completion of the student studies. In case of absence of the AA for a long period of time (e.g. sabbatical leave, health issue), the Steering Committee of the MSc assigns the respective student(s) to another faculty member.

The main role of an AA is to monitor the academic progress of the MSc students during their period of study. In order to ensure the smooth completion of the MSc programme, he/she provides support to the MSc students for any problem that may arise in courses. In addition, it provides all possible support for the academic planning of the MSc student for possible continuation of their studies at PhD level, or for their professional development in general.

The role of the Academic Advisor (AA), his/her duties and the way in which his/her role is assigned, are specified in the respective MSc Regulation (Academic Advisor Regulation).